John J. Mercer Lodge No. 290

Jordan Medal Holder: Bro. Richard Johnson

Individual Masonic Achievement Award

WB Roger Manley

WB Roger Manley (left) was awarded the Individual Masonic Achievement Award by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska Awards Committee on WB Eric BenSalah’s (right) reccommendation letter. Roger was presented the award at Mercer’s Ladies at the Table event on June 28, 2022.

2022 Rock Maul Award (Large Lodge)

John J. Mercer Lodge No. 290

At the 2022 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, John J. Mercer Lodge No. 290 was awarded their first ever Rock Maul Award (Large Lodge). The Rock Maul Award is bestowed by the Grand Master, upon the recommendation of the Grand Lodge Awards Committee, to a large lodge and a small lodge whose works represent the best well-rounded large and small lodges in Nebraska.

Pictured below (L to R): WB Ben Zaayer, Bro. Celio Santos, WB Eric BenSalah, and WB Christian Soseman.