2024 Dues

Dues season is here and online payment is available!

OR You can pay through the Grand View Member Portal https://ne.grandview.systems/

Dues for 2024 are $95.50 and are explained below:

Grand Lodge Per Capita Tax (Breakout Below)$37.00
– Grand Lodge of NE General Fund$31.00
– Nebraska Masonic Home$2.50
– Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children$1.50
– George Washington Masonic Memorial$1.50
– Masonic Education Newsletter$0.50
Grand Lodge Assessments (Breakout Below)$3.00
– Child Identification Program (CHIP)$1.50
– Nebraska Job’s Daughters$0.50
– International Order of Rainbow Girls$0.50
– Nebraska DeMolay$0.50
Mercer Lodge Dues$55.50
(Optional) Donation to offset online payment costs$3.00
DUES TOTAL (without donation to offset online payment costs)$95.50

Millennium Fund

Mercer Lodge has a Millennium Fund used for assisting in the payment of dues for Brethren of Mercer Lodge who are unable to meet their dues obligation.

The Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth should not allow a member to be dropped from the rolls for nonpayment of dues if a Brother genuinely wishes to remain a Mason. Should funds be remaining at the end of the year, they may be used to augment charitable giving or fundraising by the lodge. Should you desire to contribute to the fund, you have the option of adding an additional amount to your check or online dues payment.

Ways to Pay

By Check

Checks should be made out to:
John J. Mercer Lodge No. 290

Checks can be mailed to:
John J. Mercer Lodge
5903 Maple St.
Omaha, NE 68104


Mercer Lodge uses PayPal to receive online payments.

  • PayPal does charge the Lodge for each transaction. We ask (although optional) that a Brother help contribute to offsetting these costs ($3) if paying online. Due to PayPal terms, we cannot “impose” any type of fee but we can give you the option to choose for yourself.

Please fill out the form below to and click the “Pay Dues” button to initiate the online payment process. Once that “Pay Dues” button is clicked, you will be presented with buttons for payment options.

  • Checkout Total:   $95.50

For any issues with submitting dues online, please send an email to info@bensonmasons.com or leave a message on lodge phone at (402) 553-0679 and someone will get back to you.